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If you haven't notice yet we have redesigned our web site to better serve you, the students.  We have tried our best to make our site more user friendly and printer friendly. Another new portion of the web site is the downloadable info that is now in PDF format instead of Word format.  This means you need to have the free Adobe Reader installed to view them instead of having to possibly buy Microsoft Word to view the files. Also we have some new links on the right side of the web site which will change every so often when there is new  news.  On the left hand side menu, there have been some new additions as well.   The Video clips link is a new link that contains many clips from tournaments and other future events.  These clips will take a while to load via dial up so if you want to see the videos and  have dial up it is better to right click on them and "save target as" and download it to your pc.  Then go eat lunch or do your homework or take a shower and then come back later to watch them.  These clips are just video, there is no sound included.   A special thanks goes to Mr. Delmar Pruitt for providing the video clips.  If any one has any clips (or pictures for that matter) they would like to give me,  I will be happy to put any clips or class pictures on the site.  The class picture link has changed.  Now instead of having to select each picture, it is now a slide show where you just have to click on previous and next (up top) to view the pictures.   (this also might take a while to load on dial up)






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