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Master Dennis M. Wiley began training at the young age of 8, at the first school to open in the Louisville /Southern Indiana area, under Jerry Murphy, Bob Lomax, and Harry Shnider. In 1969, the school became affiliated to Master Nat Young Chung, the first Korean Master to move to Louisville. Under Master Chung and Master Duk Sung Son, Mr. Wiley tested for his 1st Degree black belt on April 27, 1974. Mr. Wiley first teaching position started at the age of 14, on Saturdays as the Preston Hwy. school. He was promoted to 2nd Degree black belt in 1978, and in 1980 became chief instructor of Master Young Sun Kang's school. At this time, he opened the Y-Lee's school of Arts in Mt. Washington. During this time he was training many black belts which enabled Master Wiley to open a second school in Bardstown, KY in 1985. This is also the year that Master Wiley earned his 4th Degree. In 1986, Master Wiley was commended for his efforts in apprehending 2 burglars who had been on a crime spree. On March 10th, 1991, he was appointed to the board of directors for the American Martial Arts Association. In 1993, Master Wiley was promoted to 5th Degree Master Instructor. Currently Master Wiley has two branch schools, one in Louisville, KY under 4th Degree Michael McIntyre and 2nd Degree Mr. Lee Boggs of Iowa.


Special Awards & Events

1977 & 1980 Outstanding student award

1984, 1985, & 1988 Outstanding Instructor

Won countless trophies in National Tournaments

In top ten percent of National ranking instructors

In 1998 Master Wiley Hosted the 1st Bardstown Classic Tournament





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